Disruptive Stableswap for L2s

Enjoy stablecoin swaps on your favorite L2 networks with the lowest possible slippage and provide liquidity with just a click.

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Meet vooi — your stablecoin swapping partner

Forget about high slippage and discover the world of decent yields.
Join the web3 adventure with vooi.

Uncompromised capital‑efficiency

Uncompromised capital‑efficiency

Battle-tested stable replacement mechanism to remove scalability barriers and achieve almost 100% capital utilization with zero non-permanent loss.

Forget high slippage

Forget high slippage

vooi uses an asset-liability model, slippage is negated until the transaction amount increases and decreases when it does.



A single-token pool design is ideal for various DeFi protocols and trading web3 platforms to build upon.

Designed to work seamlessly together

L2 scaling made easy-going and secure.
Dive in the midst of the DeFi with vooi.


All Aboard the L2s Train
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Discover ultra-sound, capital-efficient stableswap for L2s.
Discover vooi.

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